Peels, or the “New Skin” effect

Like the term “acid”, “peel” is another word that sounds far from enticing. In fact, “peel” is the unflattering term given to a treatment that can actually do a world of good. If your face suffers from age spots, irregular pigmentation, acne scars, dilated pores, redness, ridges or lines, this […]

Botox & Juvederm, Micro-Peel

Be radiant for the Holidays!

Crowded shopping centres, the race for gifts, office parties, gatherings, and invitations to manage… the frenzy of the holiday season is upon us! But in all the hustle and bustle, it’s important not to forget yourself. It’s the perfect time to enjoy some last-minute treatments before your social engagements take […]


Renew your skin with microdermabrasion !

Arising in North America in the mid-90s, microdermabrasion is a beauty treatment  to reduce the signs of aging skin… without having to go through surgery! The term “makeover” applies particularly well to this treatment, find out why! Microdermabrasion : what exactly is it? Microdermabrasion consists of projecting micro exfoliating crystals […]