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Body and face skincare products

International experts in skincare treatments have developed these specialized lines of products rich in active ingredients and highly recommended.

Calming Cleansing Milk


Calming Cleansing Milk

200 ml


Cleansing and Makeup removal, Sensitive Skin

$ 35.00


For very sensitive skins, cleansing can be uncomfortable. To combat this, Institut Esthederm has developed a makeup removing milk, which respects the fragility of the skin and corrects hyper-sensitivity on a day to day basis thanks to its desensitizing formula. When used regularly, this extremely gentle cleanser makes cleansing even the most sensitive skin a real pleasure. No alcohol, no colors and no fragrance.

Revitalized and fresh from cleansing, skin is soothed. Redness is diminished and the complexion is more even.

Beauty routine

Apply to a cotton pad and then to the face and neck to remove makeup. Complete cleansing routine by applying the lotion to a cotton pad. Can also be applied with the fingertips and rinsed with warm water as with a makeup removing cream.