New For a limited time at Epiderma, we match the competition's price for laser hair removal. Certain conditions apply. Learn more

At Epiderma, we match the price of the competition For a limited time

For a limited time

Our goal is to assist you in developing a treatment plan tailored to your needs, while recognizing the importance of cost. We are committed to consistently providing top-quality service and the best value in the market for laser hair removal. If you find a lower rate for a similar treatment, we pledge to match it.

This offer does not apply to existing contracts. It is exclusive to our Epiderma clinics for laser hair removal treatment. Please follow the steps below and refer to our terms and conditions for more details.

  1. Make an appointment at the Epiderma clinic of your choice to discuss a personalized laser hair removal treatment plan tailored to your skin type.
  2. When signing the contract, please mention our price matching policy and provide proof of the advertised rate by a competitor for an equivalent treatment.
  3. Our laser hair removal expert will review the criteria’s compliance with our terms and conditions before proceeding.

The price matching policy for laser hair removal at Epiderma

In participating Epiderma clinics, we commit to matching the price of any other specialized clinics in aesthetic medicine for a similar laser hair removal treatment. We are asking to provide that the clinic uses the same or equivalent equipment and/or products, and that the treatment is performed by qualified staff. Here the following equipment recognized by the policy:

  • Soprano range from the Alma company
  • Elite, Icon, Vectus, and Apogee ranges from the Cynosure company,
  • Gentle and ELOS ranges from the Candela company,
  • Triton range from the Immode company,
  • Bare HR range from the Sciton company,
  • LightSheer range from the Lumenis company,
  • Any other brand of DIODE or LAMP laser equivalent, subject to approval.

Laser hair removal refers to a depilation process involving exposure to laser light pulses that destroy the hair follicle.

Please note that a hair removal treatment using IPL technology is not considered equivalent to a laser treatment, as the expected results are inferior.

EPIDERMA reserves the right to refuse a price match if we determine that the treatment presented by the client is not equivalent. This refusal is based on the following three reasons: 1) The submitted treatment uses a technology not found in the aforementioned list, 2) The company offering the price is not a specialized clinic in aesthetic medicine, or 3) The company is located outside the authorized radius.

This price matching policy is specific to clinics specialized in aesthetic medicine treatment operating within the same geographical area (within a radius of 12 kilometers) as a clinic for which the client is seeking price matching.

It only covers laser hair removal. It does not apply to existing contracts.

Customers must present tangible and satisfactory proof of the competitor’s price before signing their contract. The lower price from the specialized clinic in aesthetic medicine must be valid at the time of purchase. Epiderma may take additional steps to confirm the validity of the price to match.

Customers may purchase a number of treatments equivalent to that advertised by the competitor, with a limit of 6 treatments per client if no maximum number is specified.

What constitutes tangible and satisfactory proof of a price when requesting a price match?

If you have the advertisement from the specialized clinic in aesthetic medicine, please present a printed version or a photo/photocopy of the entire advertisement. Digital versions of printed advertisements as well as quotations are also accepted. If you found the price online, please present, on your mobile device or via email, the complete URL (web address) of the product page or webpage of an eligible specialized clinic in aesthetic medicine website.

It is imperative that customers mention the Price Matching Policy when purchasing their treatment. This policy does not apply to treatments already paid for or received.

Our price matching policy does not apply to the following:

  • The offers from specialized clinics in aesthetic medicine on group buying websites, discounts, or coupons are not covered by the price matching policy.
  • Price or printing errors from a competitor.
  • Gift with purchase offers from the competitor.
  • Services other than laser hair removal.

The price matching policy cannot be combined with any other offer.

Epiderma reserves the right to terminate the price matching policy without prior notice.

Definition of a new contract: Any contract for a new area for a package of 3 or 6 treatments. The policy is valid for additions to existing contracts. The policy is not valid if a contract is cancelled or terminated, and then reissued, unless the client adds additional areas to their current contract.

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