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Dr. Guylaine Masson

A general practitioner in family medicine, Dr. Masson has been a graduate of Université de Sherbrooke’s Faculty of Medicine since 1988.

Dr. Masson graduated from the Université de Sherbrooke’s Faculty of Medicine in 1988 and completed her residency in family medicine at McGill University in Montreal. A general practitioner, she has been practicing medicine for more than 27 years. She first worked in the suburbs of Toronto where she focused on several facets of medicine, including clinical and hospital care, obstetrics, pediatrics and walk-in clinics.

Since her return to Quebec, she has been practicing in Lachine as a family physician. Dr. Masson is a member in good standing of the Collège des médecins du Québec and has successfully completed training on hyaluronic acid injectable products and neuromodulators. She continues to perfect her skills by occasionally attending seminars on advanced injection techniques.


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