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Cellulite treatment

VelaShape III technology helps to treat cellulite allowing for a firm and smooth skin.

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Discover the VelaShape III technology 

As the leading medical-esthetic care network, we have equipped our clinics with VelaShape III devices, a state-of-the-art technology used for treating cellulite. It offers a full treatment on collagen fibres, fibrous bands and fat cells atrophy.

In contrast to the VelaShape II technology, the combination of infrared, radio frequency, palpating-rolling and suction allows for a significantly shorter treatment time and clearly better results.

Clinically proven for more than 10 years with over 5 million independent treatments worldwide, VelaShape is the only non-invasive treatment used to treat cellulite that is approved by Health Canada and the FDA.

Good to know

What is cellulite?

A very common phenomenon in women, cellulite is caused by the inflammation of fat cells. These cells are trapped between rigid partitions under the skin. They may grow depending on various factors, hormones being a very good example. When this happens, the fat cells take up more space under the skin, causing the lymphatic system to become clogged and the blood vessels to compress.

Due to the swelling of the fat cells, the partitions tighten creating a skin depression due to their rigidity. We therefore see an orange peel appearance that is difficult to remove without specialized treatment.

The Epiderma process With you from start to finish.
  1. Free evaluation of your needs by a medical-esthetic technician

  2. Safe treatment using VelaShape III technology once per week for 6 weeks

  3. Additional care recommendations to use at home


How does a cellulite treatment work?

Before the treatment, a lotion is applied on the targeted area and the VelaShape III device is customized for the customer.

Throughout the treatment, a slight pressure is applied allowing the tip of the device to be in full contact with the skin. Treating cellulite is possible on the following areas: thighs, abdomen, buttocks, calves, arms and saddlebags.

How much does a treatment for cellulite cost?

Prices vary according to several factors including: the quantity of area treated, the cellulite’s stage, the package and the chosen payment method. By meeting with a medical-esthetic technician during a free and no-commitment evaluation you will have a clear idea of the price of the treatment that is right for you. Each individual is unique and therefore has unique needs, which is why our treatments are customized to each customer.

Client benefits
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    In May, get 30% off cellulite, body contouring, microneedling, and microdermabrasion packages purchased through virtual clinic.

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  • 10% discount for students

    Get a 10% discount on all treatments and products upon presentation of your student card. Not combinable with any other offer. Some conditions apply. Details available in clinic.

Using the VelaShape III to treat my cellulite and heavy legs has allowed me to find great comfort and a nicer skin texture on my legs. The results can easily be maintained with only a few sessions per year. This helps me a lot as I work standing up most of the time. Maude G.
The Epiderma advantages
Recognized expertise
Process supervised by our team of medical experts

Allowing a safe environment and satisfying results

Cutting-edge technology

VelaShape III is the reference for treating cellulite

Affordable and competitive prices

For natural beauty at a competitive price

Complementary care to treat and moisturize the skin

Designed by world-renowned skincare experts

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