Body shaping, Cellulite treatment and lymphatic drainage

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Body shaping, Cellulite treatment and lymphatic drainage

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Unwanted curves, tone loss or heavy legs? At Epiderma, we use VelaShape technology to help you fight cellulite and contribute to reshaping the contours of your body.

Cellulite, body contouring, reshaping and lymphatic drainage treatements

VelaShape technology

Safe non-surgical treatments

When it comes to body contouring and cellulite treatment: the VelaShape is the Epiderma technology

VelaShape combines four proven technologies in one single treatment—infrared light, radiofrequency, massage rollers and suction. The simultaneous use of these technologies help in reducing localized fat deposits, contouring and firming treated areas. VelaShape also helps in treating heavy legs by promoting lymphatic drainage through massage, mechanical rollers and vacuum suction.

This safe, non-invasive mechanism helps dissolve fat and is approved by Health Canada and the American FDA. Because your safety is our number one concern, at Epiderma these treatments are supervised by physicians.

Cellulite treatments benefits and results, circumference and cellulite reduction

Our treatments for cellulite and dimpled skin

Helps attain smoother, firmer skin

Almost all women experience it: cellulite. Fat cells build up in pockets of collagen under the skin, making it look uneven and dimpled. These fat cell build-ups compress blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, making it harder for the body to drain away toxins and excess water. The result? Cellulite and localized dimpling. And once cellulite appears on the skin, it can be very hard to get rid of without specialized treatment.

At Epiderma, we combat these skin conditions with infrared light, radiofrequency, mechanical lymphatic drainage and vacuum suction—four cutting-edge technologies all combined in the VelaShape treatment.

VelaShape’s technology helps in treating collagen fibres, fibrous bands, and fatty tissue build-up for mostbody types. It also helps treat most types of cellulite (aqueous, adipose and fibrous) on all areas of the body, including thighs, tummies, buttocks, love handles, calves, arms and hips.

Our contouring treatments for love handles, untoned tummies and heavy hips

Our contouring treatments for love handles, untoned tummies and heavy hips

VelaShape radiates heat that penetrates subcutaneous tissue right down to the deepest layers of the skin; through radiofrequency and infrared light. Results may vary for every patient, but the treatment creates a tightening effect on existing collagen fibres, promotes blood circulation and helps in shrinking fatty tissue.

Contouring treatments can be performed on most areas of the body: thighs, tummies, buttocks, love handles, calves, arms and hips

Loss of skin tone, irregularities

Our treatments for untoned curves and uneven skin

Get help for firmer skin and a well-defined figure

Over time, or if you lose a lot of weight in a short period, your skin loses its natural tone.  Loose, sagging or even flabby skin can really make cellulite, dimples and any other problem areas more visible.

To help strengthen the skin, we use the combined action of radiofrequency and infrared light with VelaShape. This treatment penetrates right down to the deepest layers of the skin to stimulate and contract collagen fibres.

Most areas of the body can be treated with this technology—thighs, tummies, buttocks, love handles, calves, arms and hips.

Heavy legs and water retention

Our treatments for heavy legs and water retention

Helps yield lighter legs

Do your legs and ankles feel heavy and swollen? Do you see marks on your skin from your socks or jeans at the end of the day? These are signs of water retention and poor blood circulation.

Lymphatic drainage treatments can help combat these problems. Sometimes called “lipomassage” or “endermology,” lymphatic drainage treatments mechanically reproduce the same rolling sensation used in physiotherapy. They stimulate blood circulation, contribute to drain toxins, help decongest tissues and promote lymphatic circulation.

At Epiderma, we rely on the trusted technology of VelaShape for lymphatic drainage treatments. VelaShape’s rollers and controlled suction enable optimal rolling action for lymphatic drainage. Results may vary and every individual patient reacts differently to treatments but legs should feel lighter, water retention reduced and tissues looking firmer and more toned.


Cellulite, body contouring, reshaping and lymphatic drainage treatment complementary care

Complementary care

Maximize your treatment

Anti-cellulite creams are enriched with active ingredients that help treat problem areas using lipolysis and toning and draining properties. These creams contribute to prolonging the effects of body contouring treatments.

Esthederm, Premiology and Epiderma have all developed specialized product lines to help fight cellulite, heavy legs and tone loss. Created by dermatologists and international experts, these products are highly recommended. Visit one of our clinics or log on to our Online Shop to learn more.

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