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Intensive Glauscine Duo: Serum and Cream


Intensive Glauscine Duo: Serum and Cream

Complementary skincare, Serum, Promotions, Body Care

Post-treatment, Firming, Cellulite and Reshaping

$ 115.00
$ 138.00


Molecule derived from active ingredients found in poppy flowers and horse chestnut seeds known for their potent effectiveness. Glauscine is therefore an ally of choice given its overall ultra-effective action. Better drained and less fatty, skin is firmer


Apply morning and evening to affected areas Rebelious cellulite program : A strong dosage of anti-fat, acting on adipose encrusted cellulite.

Rebelious cellulite program : A record concentration of active draining ingredients for water retention induced cellulite. An ideal fresh gel for "heavy legs" and deep tissue massage.