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Body and face skincare products

Dermatologists and international experts in skincare treatments have developed these specialized lines of products rich in active ingredients and highly recommended.

Calming Cream


Calming Cream


Sensitive Skin

$ 79.00


This cream is a real breakthrough for those who had given up on finding a solution to sensitive skin. This skincare product calms ultra-sensitive skin, strengthens its defenses and increases its sun tolerance.Day after day, it works to desensitize, calm and decongest sensitive skin. A real "skin mood stabilizer",  this product teaches your skin to stay calm whatever the situation.

Sensitive skin is instantly soothed with lasting results. Redness and discomfort is diminished and skin is soft. Strengthened, the skin is able to desensitize itself continuously.

Beauty routine

Apply morning and/or evening, alone or after Cellular Concentrate, on clean dry skin (face and neck).