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Body and face skincare products

International experts in skincare treatments have developed these specialized lines of products rich in active ingredients and highly recommended.

Intensive Propolis+ Skin Perfector Cream


Intensive Propolis+ Skin Perfector Cream

50 ml


Wrinkles and fine lines, Enlarged Pores, Firming, Radiance

$ 65.00


- Helps resorb blemishes and marks, thanks to its antibacterial and healing properties.
- Soothes redness and sensations of discomfortrelated to spots, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.
- Acts on premature skin ageing, thanks to its antioxidant properties.


Apply in the morning and evening to clean and dry skin of the face and neck. The INTENSIVE collection should be alternated with your usual skincare products or used to supplement aesthetic procedures.

Beauty routine

• Defects are blurred and the complexion is instantly enhanced. 

• Day after day, blemishes are reduced, wrinkles seem smoothed, and the skin is mattified. The skin looks more beautiful.