Skin peels

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Skin peels

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Supervised by physicians, our peels are specialized solutions that work deep beneath the surface of the skin to help combat problems like dilated pores, dark spots, acne and wrinkles.

Glycolic and salicylic skin peel treatments

Our peel treatments

Improve your complexion

At Epiderma, we offer peel treatments that are powerful, yet completely safe.

We use two active ingredients: glycolic acid (AHA) and beta hydroxy acid (BHA). The first is a natural derivative of sugar cane and the second occurs naturally in willow bark. They can be used on their own or combined, depending on your skin’s needs. 

Because these treatments are very powerful and because your health and safety are our priority. All protocols are assured by our medical director. With each treatment, the active ingredient concentrations may be increased based on your skin’s tolerance levels and the results we aim to achieve.

Acne and acne-prone and oily skin

Acne and oily skin

Get help for a smoother, healthier skin

Salicylic acid peels contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial exfoliating properties that help tightening pores and improving the look and texture of the skin. BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) are powerful compounds that help fight acne, dissolve blackheads, remove microcysts and reduce the look of light to moderate acne scars. 

This treatment can be used to control acne on the most commonly affected areas of the body like the face, shoulders and back, and is even safe for sensitive skin. As every individual patient is different, results may vary.

Oily skin is caused by an overproduction of sebum, which can leave an oily film that is difficult to manage. BHA deeply exfoliates the skin and helps unclogs pores. Did you know that adult acne can also affect dry skin? Once again, the most common cause is an overproduction of sebum. BHA’s analgesic and antiseptic properties contribute in fighting bacteria and helps reduce inflammation.

Signs of aging, skin irregularities, fine lines

Aging skin, irregularities and fine lines

Glycolic peels (AHA) are our treatment solution for aging skin. By stimulating collagen production and deeply exfoliating the skin, they tend to tighten pores and reduce the look of fine lines and irregularities. They also help improve skin’s elasticity, brighten your complexion and contribute to fade skin pigmentation.

With Epiderma, you can take advantage of our medical expertise. Only medically supervised professionals are qualified to administer these kinds of peel treatments, as they are more powerful than those offered by estheticians. Why? Our peels contain higher concentrations of active compounds, not authorized in standard salons. Higher concentrations mean deeper-acting treatments.

Photoaging, pigmented areas, and melasma

Photoaging, dark spots and melasma

Take action with our help

To help treat photoaging, dark spots and melasma (“the mask of pregnancy”), we recommend a combination of glycolic and salicylic peels. When used together, these active ingredients help reduce the look of spots caused by the sun and correct pigmented skin irregularities.

Because our treatments are supervised by physicians, we are authorized to offer skin peels that work deeper than those offered by estheticians. Only medically supervised professionals are qualified to perform this combined treatment with high concentrations of active compounds. 

Glycolic and salicylic acid peel complementary care

Complementary care

Prevent and treat

Because of the strength of our glycolic peel, we pre-treat your skin with a glycolic acid-based product and apply a specially formulated regenerating cream after the treatment. No pre-treatment is required for salicylic acid peels.

Esthederm, Premiology and Epiderma have all developed specialized product lines, rich in active ingredients. These are the perfect complement for prevention and correction. Created by dermatologists and international experts, these products are highly recommended. Visit one of our clinics or the Online Shop to learn more.

Prices and promotions

Prices and promotions

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Book a free consultation in one of our clinics and we’ll develop a treatment plan based on your needs. This free session takes 20 minutes and you’re under absolutely no obligation.

At Epiderma, we know that each one of our clients is unique and has specific needs. That’s why we offer made-to-measure service. Your consultation will include a health assessment to make sure your secure treatment plan is right for you.