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4 tips for aging gracefully according to Dr. Mai Ho

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Recognized for her passion and humanity, Dr. Thi Nhu Mai Ho has been practicing at Epiderma for 10 years now. Her unique approach and great precision make her a preferred address for medical and aesthetic care among her clientele.

Immersion in the world of Dr. Mai Ho.

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the Université de Montréal, Dr. Mai Ho first worked as an emergency physician for 15 years. She then turned to family medicine and aesthetic medicine to complement her other fields of activity. “While working at Epiderma, I discovered a great passion for aesthetic medicine. Having drawn since I was a child and being passionate about art, aesthetic medicine is a way for me to combine my love for medicine, techniques, art and sculpture,“ she confides.

An approach reflecting Medicart’s vision

One of the reasons that so many patients trust Dr. Mai Ho with their medical aesthetic care is because of her meticulous attention to detail and her ability to be an attentive listener. “I believe that clients appreciate my work because they know that I offer them all my time and attention. I can help them correct any insecurities they may have while providing them with the natural results they desire,“ she admits.

Guided by her holistic approach, she offers natural results that enhance her patients’ natural beauty while taking into account their objectives. Dr. Mai Ho’s empathy and ability to listen have earned her the reputation of being a humane physician with her patients’ satisfaction at the forefront of her priorities. “Even in family medicine, I am known for giving a lot of mytime and offering as much explanation as possible. Having medical aesthetic treatments can require a large dose of courage for many patients.
Therefore, I make it my duty to reassure them and explain to them from top to bottom how a treatment works and what it entails“, says Dr. Mai Ho.

How a treatment with Dr. Mai Ho works

A typical treatment with Dr. Mai Ho usually consists of three phases: “In the first phase of treatment, my patients recognize my sincere desire to help them correct some of their insecurities while enhancing their natural beauty. I offer my honest and fair suggestions. During the treatment, patients can see that I have a keen eye for detail and that I perform the treatments with great care and thoroughness. I first draw up a detailed plan, taking care to explain each step, and then I perform the treatments while trying to minimize the discomfort as much as possible. Finally, when the results are unveiled, patients see that they have achieved their objectives with natural and harmonious results, generally with very few side effects,“ explains Dr. Mai Ho.

Today, she is an injection physician who has mastered microcannular injection techniques and has successfully completed training in advanced injection techniques for Botox and Juvederm as well as Allergan’s advanced Soft Lift, Voluma, Volbella and Volift techniques.

4 tips for aging gracefully according to Dr. Mai Ho

  • Avoid smoking
    Smoking and healthy skin do not mix. Smoking destroys collagen and damages the skin
  • Keep yourself physically and mentally fit
    Dr. Mai Ho does Pilates, which combines muscular exercise and flexibility, and recommends exercising the mind to keep the spirit alive.
  • Wear sunscreen
    Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t just have its benefits! Even in winter, the sun’s rays can contribute to premature aging of the skin. It is therefore recommended to wear sunscreen 365 days a year.
  • Help your face fight the effects of time
    Since the age of 38, Dr. Mai Ho has been receiving neuromodulator agents every 4 months and fillers once a year to prevent sagging of the face.

Dr. Mai Ho offers treatments at Epiderma clinics in Boucherville, Laval, Brossard, Maisonneuve, Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie and Saint-Hyacinthe.

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