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Find out more about Sandrine Doongoor and the job of multi-clinics director in 7 questions

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We caught up with Sandrine Doongoor, Director of the Epiderma clinics in Verdun and Lachine, to ask her a few questions about her job and her career path.

Sandrine began her career at Epiderma as a mobile technician for the complete network. Her work required her to move between Montreal and Ottawa, as well as between Quebec City and Chicoutimi. This opportunity enabled her to reconcile her professional life with her need for a change of environment.
After this enriching experience, Sandrine held the position of full-time technician at the Lachine clinic for three years. During this time, she was able to test and develop her skills, which prepared her to take over the management of the Lachine clinic.

Thanks to her dedication and management skills, Sandrine demonstrated leadership and was promoted to multi-clinics director for the Lachine and Verdun clinics three years later.

L'équipe de la clinique Epiderma de Verdun.

Sandrine and her team at the Verdun clinic

The worst thing a customer can say to you?

I’m often asked at the start of treatment to be non-judgmental about their complexes. My aim is to create a safe environment for the client to feel good about being herself. My role is to be as human as possible and reassure her that we too are in the same place. This helps to break the ice and makes the treatment go more smoothly.

The most memorable request you’ve received from a customer?

The request for which I felt most privileged to practice the profession I do is a customer who told me he was in transition. I had a front-row seat at his stage of life, and spent many long hours with him in conversation. These exchanges were striking and so important for me. I came out a winner.

The time you made a blunder?

I ordered, by mistake, 4 boxes of 20 miniature gas packs containing a hundred gases in each pack to clean the face in treatment (instead of ordering just one). You could say we’re equipped for the next 5 years!

What’s your favorite thing to do?

Doing assessments creates a bond with the customer. Make sure you create a treatment plan for them over 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, tailored to their skin and her concerns. Often, in discussion with the customer, we can pinpoint other concerns that they didn’t think were treatable. For example, with injections, I always try to demystify this treatment, which is so polarizing. In most cases, they’re happy to be able to improve a concern of their own, without going through surgery.

Is there a misconception about your profession?

In my opinion, it’s the knowledge. It’s a job that requires meticulousness and listening skills. Generally, we have several courses related to the human body, the skin, and the operation and maintenance of machinery. At Epiderma, we have to follow protocols to the letter to ensure that the skin is treated safely and that the right post-treatment information is passed on.

What should I do before coming to you for laser hair removal session?

Definitely exfoliate! I can’t stress this enough: it’s important to remove dead layers of skin before treatment to ensure that the laser can reach the hairs. What’s more, it’s a routine you should adopt for your entire body to maintain the skin’s moisture levels.

Your infallible technique for putting customers at ease?

Listening. Listen and pay attention to how the customer is. Is she or he moving around a lot? We ask him if they would like to take a break, because the subjects discussed may be sensitive for them. It’s all about anticipating the customer’s needs in the room with us. Our stress ball remains our best ally.

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