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Gift ideas : Find the perfect gift at Epiderma

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Christmas is approaching quickly! If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect gift, we’ve prepared a list of suggestions for every budget. What could be better than receiving products or treatments that will help you achieve your skin goal?

Gift Ideas Under $50

The Renaissance Glove is the ultimate exfoliant for the face and body. It deeply cleanses the skin by removing toxins and dead cells.

This foaming and melting cream provides a true “satin finish” to the skin. It eliminates dead cells, stimulates cell renewal, improves microcirculation and skin texture while promoting an even complexion. The uniqueness of this cream lies in its “Triple-sphere” mode (jojoba, bamboo, and diatoms).

Jumbo-sized Micellar Water at $45 (instead of $90)

3-in-1 Micellar Water: removes makeup, cleanses, and tones the face and eyes. This facial cleanser is specially formulated for all skin types, respecting their balance.

Gift Ideas Under $100

Offer a gift certificate applicable to all services and products available at all Epiderma clinics. Choose the amount and add a personal message for the person of your choice. Once your purchase is complete, this person will receive their gift voucher with your personal message by email in just a few seconds. If you prefer, an option allows you to choose a specific date for this delivery.

Purifying Routine Set at $99 (instead of $122)

A routine for oily skin with irregularities. This set includes the Absolute Purity Care and the Intensive Purifying Propolis+ and the Mask from Esthederm institute.

Gift Ideas Under $200

Individual Peeling Treatment at $150

This individual treatment is ideal for achieving an instant radiant effect before an important event or with each change of season.

Microdermabrasion Treatment at $153

An excellent preventive and corrective treatment, microdermabrasion stimulates the production of new living cells and collagen in the dermis by mechanically eliminating dead skin cells.

Whether used alone or combined with a peeling regimen, it serves as an ideal basic care allowing the skin to better absorb the active ingredients of cosmetic products.

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