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Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Have you thought about paying special attention to your dear Mom during this time of confinement? Be prepared on May 10th thanks to our ideas for some touch-free gifts.


What’s better than a video-chat or a phone call to let your mom know that you love her and that she’s important to you. Simply hearing your voice and just checking in with her will bring her instant joy.

Epiderma Gift Certificate

Does your mom enjoy taking care of herself and her skin? Offer her an Epiderma gift certificate for the amount of your choice. It can be used for any treatment or product in the clinic. She can use it during her next medical-aesthetic appointment when our clinics reopen.

New this year! You can now buy a gift certificate for an Age Expert facial care at our online store. All taxes are included. Your mom will only need to show up at the clinic to get her 70-minute facial. A true moment of relaxation that she will appreciate greatly!

Beauty Products

Pampering yourself is definitely good for your well-being, that is why the Soothing Mask and Medicart Pure Cleansing Milk make the perfect gift. These two products – made entirely in Quebec and not tested on animals – are suitable for all skin types, so it’s impossible to go wrong! What’s more, they are part of our employees’ favourite products.

Gift Baskets

The Ritual Box for sensitive skin from the Institut Esthederm is perfect for the change of seasons. It includes the calming cleansing milk to remove make-up, the calming moisturizing lotion and the eye contour cream. In addition to reducing redness, these products provide immediate comfort for all skin types.

All packages from our online store are carefully prepared following all the safety guidelines required by the government. We also offer the possibility of delivering directly to your mom’s home.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms!

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