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Laser hair removal: True or False?

Laser hair removal
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At Epiderma, our reputation is well established in laser hair removal. This medical aesthetic treatment has been our specialty since 2000. You have unanswered questions about the treatment? We answer it for you!

1. Pulsed light hair removal (IPL) is a form of laser hair removal.

FALSE – This method uses a powerful xenon flash. The wavelength of this flash is not optimized for the hair, which makes it much less efficient than the laser.

2. Laser can effectively treat blond or pale red hair.

FALSE – Neither laser or IPL can effectively treat blond or pale red hair.

3. It is not recommended to have a laser hair removal treatment in the summer.

FALSE – In Los Angeles, no one waits for rainy days to have laser hair removal! However, you must take precautions against the sun before and after a treatment.

4. IPL is a faster and more affordable “permanent” hair removal method than laser hair removal.

FALSE – The duration of each treatment is a little shorter because the IPL epilates a bigger area at the time, but since the device is less effective, more sessions are needed to obtain results – which are not definitive. This high number of sessions cancels out the savings in time and money that the IPL promises at first glance; the laser is often less expensive.

5. Laser hair removal is effective from the first session.

TRUE – With laser hair removal, an average of 15% to 25% hair loss is observed after the first session, then up to 80% after 5-6 sessions. By comparison, with IPL, it takes 12-13 sessions on average to remove 65% to 70% of hair.

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