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Why choose laser hair removal to get rid of hair?

Laser hair removal
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Everyone wants smooth skin without hair regrowth, especially when the weather is nice. Have you thought about laser hair removal? Besides being particularly effective (from the first session), laser has many advantages.

1- Laser hair removal works on all types of skin

Contrary to popular belief, laser hair removal works on all types of skin, including tan skin, as long as the laser settings are adjusted correctly. It offers flexibility that is not available with intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal. The laser has the advantage of being able to treat all types of hair on all types of skin, with the exception of blonde, white or red hair or very fine hairs that can’t be treated with photoepilation, no matter which device is used. It is important to meet a technician who will evaluate your phototype, the color of the hair and your skin. She will tell you if you will get results before you pay your fee! She will also verify your general health condition and the medication that you are taking, since there are contraindications for the treatment. If these evaluations are not offered by the chosen salon or esthetician, be careful!

2- Laser hair removal is effective within the first session

Did you know that with laser hair removal, the loss of hair observed is 15 to 25 percent on average after the first session, and till 80 percent after 5-6 sessions? The outcome is clearly more significant than with intense pulsed light hair removal, where it requires 12-13 sessions on average to eliminate 65 to 70 percent of hair.

3- Pain is very bearable with laser hair removal

It’s true that the threshold for tolerating pain is different depending on the person, but it is largely linked to factors of each individual: exhaustion, stress, hormonal cycle, anxiety about the treatment, etc. That being said, laser treatment is recognized as being definitely less painful than waxing or electrolysis. Rather than pain, you actually feel pricks and mild sensations of heat during the session.

4- Laser hair removal is safe… as long as you take the proper precautions

To receive the best treatment with the fewest undesirable effects possible, some precautions are necessary.

  • A health assessment must be done systematically, to identify possible contraindications. This includes, among other things, a detailed examination of your beauty marks and taking medication to avoid interactions.
  • Plan the sessions well, spaced at least 6 weeks and 8 weeks at most, depending on the part of the body, to target the hair in its regrowth phase and follow the hair cycle of each zone in order to obtain maximum internal results with minimum treatment.
  • The technician must inform you very clearly about the right things to do before, during and after the treatment, whether it’s the way to prepare the skin for treatment before the session or the way to pamper it afterwards.

Have you thought about laser hair removal? Are you hesitant about other treatments? 

With 2.5 million treatments performed, Epiderma is the expert in medical aesthetic care.

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