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Operation tone: The Buttocks!

Cellulite - Body Contouring
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Buttock shape is tied to three factors: bone structure, muscle mass, and the fatty layer that encases it all. Clearly, you can’t change the width of your pelvis, but you can definitely take action on the other two fronts.

Steady does it

Case 1: Lack of muscle tone. The best antidote for soft buttocks is moderate daily exercise to discreetly and effectively sculpt your backside.

How? By passively contracting the glutes any chance you get. Tighten and hold for about thirty seconds, then release. Another super-simple technique is to take the stairs two at a time, making sure your heel stays touching the floor. For a shapely rear view, you’ll need to do these all-purpose moves several times a day.

Get out the secret weapon

Case 2: Sagging buttocks and insidious cellulite. Here, a comprehensive approach is best. Keep exercising, of course, and get out the secret weapon: contouring treatments to get rid of orange-peel skin. It’s a fact: the VelaShape III is a formidable weapon against lost tone and cellulite.

By heating the subcutaneous tissues through radiofrequency energy and infrared light, the VelaShape III tightens collagen fibres and stimulates new collagen formation. Fibrous bands become firmer and fat cells are flushed out. Your contour is wonderfully reshaped and slimmed.

As a bonus, women who—despite countless diets and exercise programs—can’t seem to eliminate that pesky layer of fat will finally see results. What could be better?

Combined with a balanced diet, this simple little program will give you a slimmer shape and deliver major visible results by the end of your treatment.

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