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Tips on preventing the loss of facial firmness

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What is “loss of facial firmness?” Everything on your face moves, both on the surface and underneath it. As you age, your skin gradually loses its elasticity, fat moves around, and muscles are no longer as toned.

What happens in the skin?

Moisture levels and ceramide synthesis drop off, cell renewal slows down, and the dermo-epidermal junction flattens out.

In the dermis, skin cells become less efficient and less effective at synthesizing collagen and elastin, which results in a loss of firmness. Collagen fibres also become more rigid with aging, accentuating wrinkles and the loss of skin elasticity.

Lastly, hyaluronic acid is produced less often and is of lower quality. The result? You lose density and your skin gets thinner.

Is it serious, doctor?

No, not at all! However, that doesn’t mean it’s pleasant. You need to take a comprehensive approach and work on all fronts simultaneously to get visible, long-lasting results.

1. Keep skin hydrated at all costs!

The first step is to take properly care for your skin. Wash, moisturize, and protect it with products adapted to your skin’s age and needs. Well-hydrated skin is soft, plump, and radiant and softens the look of wrinkles. It’s a very simple and effective method, but you have to be disciplined.

2. Stimulate cell renewal and collagen

The second step is to stimulate cell renewal and collagen synthesis, which means working from below the skin to slow the effects of that culprit known as time. Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment (PRP), Micro-Needling and Radio Frequency (Venus Viva) are great options to boost collagen. The results are visible after the first treatment, so no time is wasted—plus, you enjoy a host of other benefits. So why do without?

3. Offset losses of hyaluronic acid

You need to make up for losses of hyaluronic acid, which your body produces less of and in lower quality.

A tear trough extending from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the cheek gradually forms and changes the structure of the face. Depressions and shadows form. The problem affects women of all ages—even 35-year-olds, especially if they lost weight between the ages of 20 and 30. Help!

So what can you do? Depending on your age and needs, use specialized regenerative cosmetic products or products high in our precious ally, hyaluronic acid—like JUVÉDERM.

What about you? What’s your secret weapon for a healthy-looking pout?

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