About us

Our story built on customer advocacy and trust

At Epiderma, we’re proud of the 19 years we’ve been helping our clients discover and enhance their natural beauty. With over 2,5 million treatments performed to date, our expertise is considerable.

The Epiderma philosophy
For over 19 years, our clients have trusted us to help them discover and enhance their natural beauty. Everyone wants to feel good in their own skin. That’s why we make it our business to offer you the best medical aesthetic care in Canada. We see every day and every treatment as an opportunity to help you achieve what you want, by listening to your needs and putting our expertise to work for you. Our goal is unchanging: meeting your satisfaction and helping you meet your full potential.

Our commitment
At Epiderma, your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we’re committed to focusing on your specific needs and offering high-quality treatments that give you peace of mind, knowing you’re in a safe, secure, medically monitored environment. Our technicians are trained and supervised by Epiderma’s medical team. Every day when we open our doors, over 100 of our specialized technicians go to work for our clients—listening, answering questions, and guiding them through their treatments. Our network consists of 29 clinics across Quebec and Ontario. Book an appointment in one of our clinics and discover the Epiderma difference—modern clinics with a warm ambiance, where you’ll know you’re in good hands.

Our expertise
At the root of our reputation and expertise in medical aesthetics is an exceptional medical team. Because medical aesthetic treatments are powerful procedures with some contraindications, most of them are required to be performed by health professionals. At Epiderma, all treatments that require medical supervision are overseen by physicians. To monitor your health and safety, we use the best technologies available in medical aesthetic care today. All equipment and products used for treatments in Epiderma clinics are meticulously tested for safety and effectiveness.

Dr. Alexis Du Cap is the medical director at Epiderma. He has over 10 years of experience and oversees all product testing and technologies used in our clinics. He also oversees the management of all medical aesthetic treatments performed in our clinics, and supervises our technician training program. He works hand-in-hand with Epiderma’s medical council to offer you the best medical aesthetic treatments in a safe and secure environment. 

At Epiderma, you’re in good hands.