Acne and oily skin

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Acne and oily skin

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Fighting acne and acne-prone skin is a job that requires professional expertise. At Epiderma, we believe in salicylic acid peels, infused with beta hydroxy acid (BHA). Why? These anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial exfoliating treatments fight pimples, help in dissolving blackheads, and contribute in removing microcysts and other impurities, while also reducing the look of scars.

Acne and acne-prone skin treatments

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It doesn’t matter how old you are or what type of skin you have; our BHA-infused salicylic acid peel has a number of different properties that target and help treat all causes of acne, leaving you with healthy, beautiful skin.

Oily skin is caused by an overproduction of sebum, which can create a layer of oily film that is difficult to manage. Luckily, BHA provides deep exfoliation that unclogs pores. Did you know that adult acne can also affect dry skin? Once again, the most common cause is an overproduction of sebum. BHA’s analgesic and antiseptic properties help fight bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Because your health is our first concern, our BHA peels are performed by knowledgeable professionals, in accordance with strict safety standards. Before each treatment, one of our technicians will sit down with you to complete a thorough health assessment and identify any possible contraindications.

Acne and acne-prone skin visible, lasting results

Healthy looking

Salicylic peels deliver remarkable results that can vary from patient to patient.  They help combat microcysts, mild to moderate acne and other skin impurities. Whether you have oily skin or thick skin, pimples or no pimples, this treatment will help you with a smooth, healthy complexion.

The exfoliating action of salicylic peels will help your skin find its natural balance. With anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps tightening pores and improving the look and texture of your skin. By stimulating cellular renewal, it also helps reducing acne scars. It’s the ideal peel to fight oily skin, acne, blackheads, and pimples on the face and back.

Acne and acne-prone skin complementary cares

Complementary care

Prevent and correct

While acne is not the result of poor hygiene, it’s very important to give your skin the care it needs. Oily acne-prone complexions require a regular yet gentle cleansing routine. It’s equally important to keep your skin properly hydrated, as dehydrated oily skin can produce even more sebum. We also recommend gentle exfoliation with products adapted to your skin.

Esthederm, Premiology and Epiderma have all developed specialized products to help prevent and correct acne, using active ingredients. Developed by international experts and dermatologists, these products are highly recommended. Learn more in our clinics or visit our Online Shop.

Prices and promotions

Prices and promotions

Competitive and affordable

Once you meet with one of our specialized technicians, you’ll have a better idea of the cost of your customized treatment. We recognize that each client is unique and has specific needs. That’s why the cost of your treatment will be calculated based on your individual treatment plan.

A personalized consultation will usually last 20 minutes. Our technicians will sit down with you and take the time to answer all your questions. This no-obligation assessment is free and includes a health status and personalized treatment plan.